Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 5 & 6 - Weeks 3 & 4 in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Sorry about the lack of an E-mail last week, we were playing Basketball, and one of the Elders came down on his ankle wrong and sprained it, so we had to leave early. This just means that I get to send a longer E-mail! (With no pictures sadly because I keep forgetting my camera, next time I promise)

So. I need some music. Elder Jensen has a lot, but I've heard it all. If you want, you could either E-mail me mp3 files, or maybe send up a CD. The only rule is that it has to be uplifting, and not romantic. 

Something cool I got to do was bless a house, like I didn't even know that was a thing until a little bit ago. I didn't actually bless it, the family did, but it was still a pretty cool experience. I've also got to give a couple of Priesthood blessings, and it definitely does not get easier. 

We got to go to Zone Conference and got taught by a member of the 70, Elder Clarke. He said a lot of really good stuff, and I was able to take a lot from it. Our zone had been struggling with obedience a little bit, but he sure stamped that out. It really is important that people trust you. 'People don't care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.'

We got to go through the Salt Lake Temple afterwards, and (for those who have been through the temple) it was a live session. I didn't even know that they did that. The rooms inside were absolutely beautiful. 

Tracting is fun. No, not really. Especially since it's been raining nonstop since I got here, like every single day. We have found some people who might have been interested, but it's really hard to have people open up to you when you're on their porch. Their guards are always up. 

I've gone on exchanges twice, once up in Pinedale, and once in Evingston. I was able to learn a lot from each, about the importance of a schedule, and how to deal with a companion who's quieter than me. The second one was definitely an experience. We also, up in Pinedale, got to go... logging? You know, because people need wood up there to burn and stuff. Cause it gets cold. It would have been much more fun without the rain which, when combined with the wind, was coming down sideways. 

I'm almost out of time, but lately I've been working on Faith, and how to improve mine. I think I've found enough information to write like a hour-long talk.. But the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that Fear is the opposite of Faith. So lately I've been working on overcoming my fears as a missionary, which some decent success. I only really have difficultly with giving Priesthood blessings, the words never come easily. 

I appreciate all of the letters and E-mail I've been getting lately. It means a lot to see how much you all care. I've got some pretty awesome recipes, everything from PB&J to Ramen to Enchiladas. I always look forward to hearing from you all.

With love, 

Elder Gunner Martineau

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