Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 9 - Week 7 in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Week 9!
Alright, so, this has been my first week with my new companion, and we've been able to see a lot of success so far, even though Monday and Tuesday were 'dead days' (where, due to transfers, we couldn't teach) so our goals were a little out of reach, but we were able to make the most of it.
I'm am now with Elder Kirsi. (pictures later today, hopefully) He's from Finland, and has the exact same personality as me, which is great. We work very well together already, while it took Jensen and I a little bit longer to bond. We have someone on date to be baptized, James Kline, a golden! We have him set for the 25 of October, but it may be sooner than that, who knows. We have a lot of solid new investigators that have come from our obsession with finding, we can do better of course, but it's good to see progress! This transfer will be full of baptisms, hopefully.
It's funny, because all of the young missionaries are staying, and getting different trainers, in our district 5 out of 8 people are less then 3 months old. and 3 of the babies are in charge of their area, me included. It was stressful at first, being the one in charge, but it's not so bad anymore. We were able to clean the apartment, and we found some white boards that we're going to use to hold all kinds of information.
One of the problems we had at first was that we would go too long on our lessons. Like way over. That was mostly because we were still trying to get a feel for how the other teaches. The real test for this was when we had 4 back-to-back lessons on Thursday. One at 5, 6, 7, and 8. All of these lessons were really key, and we were worried it wasn't going to work out, but we taught much better. Every lesson was 40 minutes, and we were able to teach every single one. We got 2 new investigators out of it, and we were able to put James (the 7:00 one) on date, like I said before. Short lessons are more powerful, I've discovered.
We've been running around this week trying to get everything situated, and so we haven't had too much time to proselyte (besides lessons) but that's just because it's out first week together. This Sunday we had a temple re-dedication, another reason we really couldn't go out too much, but it was very neat to attend.
Expect to hear about a whole bunch of people on date to be baptized next Monday, we have big plans for this week :)
Love you all,
Elder Martineau

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