Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 7 - Week 5 in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Hey everyone! Sadly, I lost my cable to upload pictures, but I'm looking for it, if I can't find it before Wednesday, I'll send my SD card home so my family can upload them. I know I said that I would have them today, but I'm sorry.
One week left in the transfer! The great news is that Jensen and I had almost double the lessons this week than any other week. We set a goal to find one new prepared family each day, and that's brought great results. We have a guy from Africa on date to be baptized on Saturday. He's super sincere, and I have no doubt he'll stick to it. We have so many other people close, but since everyone's working, it's hard to catch people at home.
The fact that we cover a YSA College Branch is amazing. Well, before school not at all, but during the year.. *whistles* It just started, and we have people offering to take us places and giving us referrals left and right. It's because most of them are return missionaries who understand the work. The guy we're baptizing is going to be in the college branch.
A quick thank-you to Brother Robson for giving me my black binder. He'll know what I'm talking about, but it's full of amazing stuff from talks, to jokes, to quotes.. It's really motivated me, and helped me set some goals for baptisms, and the kind of person I want to be when I come back. I'll be adding to it, and then passing it on to another.
There's a less-active family that I really love called the Marcettis. They have a little boy who's going to have a birthday. For a gift, we wrapped up a Book of Mormon, and placed $1 bills in different places with our favorite scriptures highlighted. We thought it would be pretty funny when he opened up his present and found that it was just a Book of Mormon, maybe he won't open it up until much later. haha
We've started asking for dinner appointments to bring non-member friends to them, with varying success. We've gotten investigators out of it, but we've also got nutcases. One of them, when we asked if he went to church, said he was the minister of the church of the Penguin. (He had also been to the church of Bob, and some Satanic church >.>) He had started the church to evade paying taxes, he would make a charitable donation, and then get payed as the pastor.... Which is totally illegal. You could tell he didn't think much of religion.
New request. Ties. And the music one still applies, but I have like 5 good ties, and it makes my sad. Ugly ties are accepted as well; the uglier the better.
As always, I love getting mail, and cherish every letter sent. Love you all!
- Elder Martineau

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