Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 4...2nd Week In the Mission Field

Hi Everyone. 

It'll be 4 weeks on Wednesday, that means I'll only have 100 left! We've been getting referrals left and right as summer's coming to an end. Meaning people are finally back in town and there's things to do again. I see us maybe being able to have 3-4 baptisms by the end of this transfer. 

Last Tuesday, we got to go down to Salt Lake for New Missionary Training. Why they couldn't just have it before I left is beyond me. It was basically a rehash of everything I learned in the MTC, plus Stress-reduction stuff, which is not something I usually deal with, but it was still interesting.

On the way down there though, (we got a ride down, because we only get a certain number of miles per month, and they're precious) we, and by we I mean the old guy that was driving, got lost more times than I can count on two hands. We were staying the night at the President's house, and were supposed to arrive at like 9:00. We got to the valley at 8:40 and didn't arrive until 10:00. The mission president himself had to drive out and find us. Now, what was ridiculous was that the guy driving wouldn't call the president, instead he told his son to get on Google Earth, find where we were, which changed every two minutes of course, and then ask for directions to the house. You could see this little nerve in Elder Jenson temple start to stick out, which was kinda cute (Like most things he does). The wife taught me a valuable lesson though. These annoying experiences, aren't necessarily bad, 'we're just making memories'. Deep stuff. 

Everyone here is either Catholic or Mormon it seems like. And being Catholic seems more like an excuse not to see us than a religion. haha. We've had a lot of success though. We have 2 on-date to be baptized, and about 5 progressing there. It's incredible how much time I have to read the Book of Mormon. I've read like 250 pages this week, I've been blessed with a strong desire to fully understand the gospel, and I have a whole lot of reading I can get done in two years: the BoM, Bible, D&C, PoGP, and all the teachings of the presidents of the church.

I've been blessed out here, and am looking forward to next week!

- Elder Martineau

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