Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Well, this was pretty sweet week. I can't say a whole lot has happened. This area is a lot slower than Rock Springs, but that's ok! We're still just as busy, just it's more with members. Avery fell off date because her Mom is extremely busy and can't meet, and one of our investigators dropped us because of stuff she read online, which was pretty sad. Jerrie, the less active person we've been working with came to church for the first time in 10 years yesterday! She's made incredible progress, and is so much happier! 

Since we're so close to the conference center, if we take someone with us, we get first-rights to tickets, which is pretty neat. I think we're going to go to the Sunday afternoon session with one of our investigators who's right on the edge of committing to being baptized. Hopefully it'll be that final push that she needs. Her name is Stacee, and besides her we are working actively with Jerrie, Chelly, and Brooke.

Using iPads is like the coolest thing to happen since ever. I bought a different case for mine (the one we got was bulky and annoying to open), so I'm the only one with a beautiful, red case. They're super cool for lessons, and great for taking notes. I don't even carry anything else around except for it, it was everything I could ever need. It also takes beautiful pictures. Which I'll upload as part of this. :)

Well, that's about it. I'm still trying to adjust to this new area, and to walking EVERYWHERE (and sometimes running haha). I hope you all have a great week! Take care.

- Elder Martineau

22: Me. 
23: A dead ferret in someone's tool closet
26: A house
28: Their next door neighbor
29: A cross on an LDS church (lol, not really)

The last two are pictures were sent to me along with the following text message:
Hello Tami - we are delighted to have your awesome son and Elder Lybbert living in our home. Our kids & their friends asked them to join in celebrating pi day!

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