Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My favorite part about this is the bottom of this message*. You can scroll down really quick it you want. :) So, I'm currently in Salt Lake in the Highland Stake. We cover 4 of the wards there, so if anyone knows people living there, I could go and say "Hi" to them! My new companion is Elder Lybbert. He's from Alberta Canada, we've been out the same time, and 2 of his previous companions were Elder Wilson and Elder Kirsi. (For those of you who don't remember, these were my last two companions, he was trained by Elder Wilson) Also, since he's a newly-called district leader, that means we have a car! WOO! No biking for me! We do walk a lot though, to talk to people on the street. 

Missionary work is so different down here. So many members are proactive about it. Even though we're not teaching nearly as much here as I was in Rock Springs, we are definitely still busy. I really don't know a whole lot about who we're teaching yet. We have 7 investigators, and one on date for the 21st of March. I have fallen in love with a less-active person we're working with who's name is Jerrie. She's like 60 and suffers from really bad depression and anxiety, and I love being able to go over and go on walks with her, and just make her smile in general. She's a really sweet lady. I think most of the people that we're teaching are pretty old, and slowly moving forward. I heard that all I would do is teach kids (9-10 year-olds), but that's definitely not the case here.

Well, I'm running out of time, but I'll be sure to have more info next time. Have an awesome week!

My new address is: 

2639 S 1900 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

- Elder Gunner Martineau

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Previous apartment/district

Farson's famous Ice Cream (It's huge.)

Elder Connell (The travelling AP at the time)

 The WY Cowboys bus

Me trying to pack

The Robinsons

 The Leathams

Last night in Rock Springs

The Harris Family

 Packed and ready to leave Rock Springs

Brother Zanetti (in front of his fav. car)

The drive down to Salt Lake (it was bad)

 New companion and new home

 Canadian food

Ashton + family

Previous apartment/district

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