Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Awesome things happened this week. We had a baptism 2 days ago for Karen. She's wonderful and was crying throughout the whole thing. After she was baptized by one the Elders that began teaching her, she stood in the font for like a whole minute extra. It was a very special experience for everyone, especially one of our close-to-baptism investigators that came.

We have another 3 baptisms coming up this weekend; Carrie, Tera, and Hannah. It was around 5 months ago that I randomly knocked on their house. She always talks about how normally she would've sent us away with a Ouija board (lol), but something told her to let us in, and now look where we are. :) Since the new year, she's only relapsed two or three times smoking-wise, and she knows she can't for a week before her baptism, so please pray for her. Her and her two daughters are my shining example of what living the gospel can do for a family.

Everyone makes jokes about how I'm still here, and that maybe I'll serve my entire mission here (which I don't think I would mind too much). Rock Springs is definitely the Sion of the SLCE mission. Well, that's about it. After Carrie gets baptized we won't have any people on date, but we're working on that. Hopefully we should have a couple more in the upcoming weeks. I love you all, and thanks for your support!

- Elder Martineau

664: $500,000 Ford GT
665: $100,000 Dodge Viper
667: District Lunch at Sonic!
668, 673: Karen's baptism
674: Elder Wilson during lunch-time

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