Tuesday, February 10, 2015


T5 W2

Last week Gunner didn't have time to write a group letter but he sent the following:

No time left, just have enough time for pictures. Carrie got baptized and I love her!

Post-baptism with Elder Kirsi

T5 W3

I should actually have time to write this, yay! So now I have to think back over like 2 weeks of nonsense, which'll be rough I'm sure. As per pictures from last week, Carrie and her family were baptized on the 31st and confirmed on Feb 1st. Everything else on my mission is insignificant next to this event. (Not really, but really) To their credit, they went from the ER to their baptism, back to the ER, to their confirmation the next day, and then back to the ER afterwards. They've been too sick to leave the house since then. So if you're ever too sick to go to church, chances are you're not.. haha. I wish all of our investigators had that much drive. So with Carrie and her family out of our pool, we have no-one left on date, but we have a couple people who are really close. Opposition from family members is abounding.
It's been SO WARM up here, we're talking 50-60 degrees every day. It's been raining every now and again, which is bizzare. People are saying the world is ending. Gas is still freakishly low, and like 40,000 people got laid off in WY (I think that was the statistic) which is like a third of the working population... Of course they all work in the oil field, so there's not a lot of work for them right now. Something I've learned is that the news just likes to make up stuff. I think I've heard 6 different reasons why gas is so low from people quoting the news, and all of them were so different. It's pretty funny.
Elder Wilson and I have been deathly ill for this last week (ok, not really, but it sure felt like it) We actually ended up taking the entire day off to rest Saturday. I think we slept from like 1pm-10am the next day. It didn't really help me, since I just had a really bad cold, but it sure helped Elder Wilson. I also had (have) what could best be described as an eye-zit. Yea, not fun. I felt like my eye was going to fall off. After like 2 days of it really hurting just to blink, I looked in the mirror close and found that I had a HUGE zit on my eyelid. I popped it (which was hard), and a whole bunch of pus came out, which I just washed out.
Well, I also went on exchanges to Evanston again with the Zone Leaders, there's an Elder there who snores so loudly that they have to have this fan going to drown him out (which hardly makes any sense). I got very little sleep that night. Other than that, nothing much has really happened. The transfer is halfway over, and then I'll probably be leaving Rock Springs to the valley, but who knows. I love you all, and send you my best!
- Elder Martineau

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