Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So, this last week of the transfer was an awesome one. We got a lot done, and we worked really hard for some 'out-there' goals. We set a goal of 20 lessons with a member present (as apposed to the 8-11 we usually get) and got our 20th at night. It was definitely a week full of miracles. Oh yeah, since this is the last week of the transfer, I'm sure everyone's wondering if I'm staying or leaving. The news came in today that.. I'm staying! Again! 7.5 months in Rock Springs. Maybe I'll spend my whole mission here... haha. The other two Elders in our apartment are also staying.

Gas prices. I don't know what it's like down there, bus gas is $1.89 right now. I think the world is ending. I heard it had to do with America producing more oil, and so the Middle East dropped prices to run American oil companies out of business.. but I'm a missionary, what do I know. Also on the note of weird things; it was 60 degrees yesterday. People are convinced that I brought the Arizona winter. It's supposed to be -40 until April, so I'm not sure what's going on.

We do so much in one week it's hard to keep track of the important things.. we had 7 investigators show up at church, but not the 4 on date to be baptized >.>. We should have a baptism (if we can see her before then). Her name is Karen, and while her parents are really against it, she knows it's right. I can understand where she's coming from, because I couldn't imagine telling my Mom I was joining a different church. It must be hard. Hopefully everything will go forward as planned.

The following weekend we have Carrie and her two daughters being baptized. For the longest time Tera (12) had been against it, but during one of our lessons she piped up and announced that she was going to join her sister and Mom. They said they wanted me to baptize them, which will be an incredible experience.
Well, that's all I guess. I'm looking forward to this next transfer! I love you all!

- Elder Martineau

100: Our speed ball with my letter G all over it
101: Our College Branch Ward Mission Leader helping someone move
105: Shayla, our Investigator is in the middle. She's working towards a baptism date. Other girls are members of the Basketball team and are members
106: Our 20-with week :)
Other: Our district

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