Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Gunner's Mission President and his wife, President & Sister Eberhardt, made a trip to Wyoming. Sister Eberhardt said that President had a good visit with Elder Martineau. They emailed us this picture.

Well, I'ma be honest, not a lot happened this week. I think the amount of time I spent in was equal to the amount of time we were out. Elder Wilson came down with a sinus infection early Friday, and I only left the apartment to go to our appointments (with another person of course) and to go to church. Some things that actually happened were: 

Elder Connell, (the travelling AP) made his run through Wyoming, to be with all the District leaders. Last time he came through, I wasn't there because I was up in Pinedale, so it was cool to be able to spend some time with him. Our mission president also came through Rock Springs, and we got to eat breakfast with him and his wife at iHop. 

Something else that was awesome was that one of our college age investigators who was worried about what her parents would think got the nerve to ask them what they thought of her being baptized. Her Mom was all for it and is willing to support her, now all she has to do is talk to her dad! But things are looking great! She'll be on-date by next week most likely. 

Other then that, I slept and cleaned the apartment. Lots of fun.. I hope Elder Wilson gets feeling better soon, otherwise I'm going to go stir-crazy, haha. Anyways, Have a great week! Until next time.

- Elder Martineau

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