Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Well, it's finally gotten there, I have no idea how long I've been out, and I'm too lazy to look it up. Just a quick apology to those who have sent me letters, I'm working on writing back, I just have literally no time. At all. I should have responses sent out soon!
We've had incredible miracles this week! We now have 6 people on date; James for the 25th of October, Debbi and Joseph for the 1st of November, and Carrie, Hannah, and Tera for the 14th October. We also plan of having 2 more people on date by the end of next week; Ashton, and Dawn. We were also blessed to have 6-8 investigators watch General Conference (which counts as going to church), which is double anything I've ever got so far. We also have a lot of potential investigators that we'll be able to add to our pool soon. It's humbling because I know I couldn't do anything like this on my own.
Sadly, I still don't have a cord, so I can't upload pictures yet, but I should be able to buy one soon.
Last Tuesday was probably the most ridiculous day of my mission. It was so bad that Elder Kirsi and I made a list of everything that went wrong:
- Our dinner appointment with a super-solid investigator canceled
- One of our teaching appointments wasn't home, and so we weren't able to commit her to baptism.
- Two of our referrals said they were not interested, like at all. We thought they had a lot of potential as well. 
- The left leg of my pants ripped so high I had to emergency staple it. 
- We were talking to an investigator on her porch (we couldn't go inside because there was no other priesthood holder there), it starts raining after 10 sec of talking, she says bye, goes inside, and it instantly stop raining. 
- We were knocking on the house of a referral, no-one was home, we leave and watch him pull into the driveway moments after. (he say us drive away, so it would be super awk to go back)
- We got an address wrong twice on the way to visit a referral. 
- We got home after curfew
and the kicker,
- I forgot my tie, like I went around almost all day without a tie on. Elder Kirsi didn't notice either, but I'm sure I looked ridiculous.
So yea. That was a fun day.
Elder Kirsi got to go down to Park City to attend the baptism of someone he had taught. (The fact that he was able to find a ride was a miracle in itself) However, that meant I was alone all day, so I had to find people to drive me around and to stay with me. Luckily, I was able to find a few really good people to do this. It actually turned out really good, we were even able to get a referral for some other missionaries.
General Conference was an incredible thing, it's the first time I took notes, and I noticed I great difference in what I learned. My favorite two talks were Lynn G. Robbins's about 'Which way do you face' and Bednar's addressed to nonmembers. i want everyone in the world to watch Bednar's talk, because it sums up missionary work perfectly. We had to privilege of watching different sessions in investigators' houses. They were really blessed by the spirit conference brings, and really saw that these were men of God.
I'm thankful for all of the support I get out here, and I still always look forward to hearing from you.
With my love,
Elder Martineau

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