Tuesday, October 14, 2014

T2W4 (Transfer 2, Week 4) (WITH PICTURES)

Dang, I can't believe this transfer's almost over. I'll be sending back some pictures later today, but nothing interesting has really happened this week. I'm really starting to fall into a routine around here.

I do have one pretty funny experience, but I'll get to that in a little bit. We've picked up some solid new investigators, but nobody new is on date, we still have the same 6 that were before, which is still great. :) We've been able to teach progressively more lessons as this transfer's gone on, which is a blessing.

Ever since I've come out on my mission, I've not liked giving blessings. The words didn't come easy, and I just felt awkward. However, recently, I've been giving more and more, and I've noticed an incredible difference. When I sincerely cared about the person I was giving the blessing to, words flowed so much easier. I honestly believe I've been able to develop that love for the people I teach; and the power of my blessings increases based on how much I love and care for that individual. I look forward to giving blessings now, because I love seeing the power of them in people's lives.

The funny story I was talking about was with an investigator named D.J.. His wife is a member, and we've been teaching him for a few weeks. He was talking to one of his 'work buddies' about how he was going to be meeting with us later that day. His friend said something like: "You're meeting with Mormons? Dude, they'll just try to convert you. They believe in this giant magical toad! Just ask them, they'll tell you all about it!" So yea, when he met with us later that day, we told him all about the giant toad we worship.. People. I don't understand them sometimes. I like people who are against the church for dumb reasons like that, because it just makes us seem all the more credible :)

Well, other than this nothing else has really happened. For those who have written me (especially you Taylor) I'm working on writing back, I just have no time ever! But I'm working on it, a little bit at a time. Thanks again for all of the support I get!

Love you all,

Elder Martineau

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