Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 14

I only know what week it is because it's the week of transfers! I've really enjoyed the 6 weeks I've had to serve with Elder Kirsi, I'll let you know what's happening to our companionship at the end of the E-mail again.
This week was a much better week in terms of lessons, almost all of our lessons (90%) had the added bonus of a member present. The only downside to the whole week was that we had 1 person come to church. We were planning on 9. It can be a little frustrating sometimes. People just get sick, or don't think it's important. :( Hopefully we can figure out something to get people realizing how important it is to come to church.
Carrie and her kids are still incredible. We're helping her to quit smoking, and it's going really well. They still plan on being baptized on the 14th. Joseph might be falling off date due to parole issues, but hopefully he will still get baptized soon! We were also able to put Ashton, the daughter of a recent convert on date for the 29th. She was a tad apprehensive at first, but her mom helped explain that this is only a showing of your commitment, that she doesn't have to know everything. We were worried at first, but we found out a few days later that she is super excited about it! The area's looking forward to a blessed transfer!
Nothing really funny or interesting really happened this week, again, maybe things are just becoming more routine. Still trying to write back. I'm almost finished with one of my letters... >.>
Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for (hopefully)! *drumroll*
Elder Kirsi will be leaving, and I will be staying in Rock Springs. Again.

It's exciting because I love it here! This place is awesome and I don't want to leave yet. So if you are sending letters, my address is still the same, at least for 6 more weeks. I'm going to miss my personal Finnish companion.
I love you all, and I play for you every day. I love hearing from every single one of you! Until next week,
- Elder Martineau

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