Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I've already been with Elder Wilson for 2 whole weeks, it's hard to believe! We've been going through those investigating the church and dropping those who really aren't moving forward. It's sad to see them not progress, but it's important spending our time teaching those who want to move forward.
This week was full of things that I'm not very used to. We did another College Booth at WWCC, and got a really solid investigator with high potential! Also, throughout this week, I went on exchanges 3 times in 3 days. Thankfully I stayed in Rock Springs for each of them. First, an elder from Pinedale came down here, Elder Comer, then I was with an elder in our apartment, Elder Hanks, and finally the Zone Leader (Elder Willie) was down here as well. When I was with Elder Comer, I taught children for the very first time. It was a different experience, but teaching Chess/Math really helped. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It's fun to watch children warm up to you. This week seemed longer than the last, just because there were so many things going on.
Our investigators are still really solid and are progressing, each at their own pace. We have 14 currently and it's awesome to see them move forward. This seemed to be a week where Satan worked really hard on those we're teaching. Some of our investigators' testimonies grew, and somes' were weakened. We've been blessed to finding many new people to teach each week. Now that the members of the wards are trusting us, we are getting a lot of referrals. Even some referrals to teach in their own homes, which is awesome! I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks because I'm excited about what they'll bring about.
I love you all!
- Elder Martineau

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